Yoga: Hatha Yoga in English 1
verantwortlich: Sandra Reichmann

Do you want to start your day with an energetic morning? Do you want calm your mind and body after rushing a bus day?

Come to Sun Yoga Stretching and Relaxation Course. Here we will lead to through different breath technics, meditation, basic Hatha yoga postures and processed body muscle relaxation. No matter how your body look like or how your posture look like, here you will receive 100% acceptance. No worries and no burden. Breath, movement, and stillness fall into a rhythm. Calm your body and peace your mind. Full your life with energy.

589117- Stretching and RelaxationDi18:00-19:30uniGym: K 20225.04.-04.07.Xuehui Sun
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für Beschäftigte (uniKN | HTWG | VEUK e.V.)

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